Patient ID and Activation

Ambit goes beyond the scope of traditional patient identification to focus on improving the rate at which patient leads are qualified and connected to relevant solutions and next steps.

Ambit works within the dimensions of the patient funnel to optimize the process by which patients are activated and converted to appropriate treatment and/or clinical trials. To optimize the patient funnel, the Ambit Patient ID team has two key offerings:

  1. Patient Funnel Optimization to measure and improve the effectiveness of ongoing patient identification activities
    • Activity Log: What activities have been done / planned to identify patients
    • Measure Effectiveness: What is the expected v. actual yield of these activities (including cost / patient)
    • Leverage / Leakage Points: How can current activities be optimized to mitigate leaks
    • Roadmap: Provide a plan of patient ID initiatives across all levels of the patient funnel through a co-created roadmap with the client team
  2. Patient ID Implementation Support to actualize patient ID plans for improved return on investment
    • Claims-based / EMR lead identification & validation
    • COE / Specialty Center Engagement & Partnership
    • Adjacent Patient Advocacy Partnerships
    • Patient Registry / Biobank Screening Partnerships
    • Genetic Counseling Partner Screening Study
    • Development of Landing Page & Qualification / Consent Tool
    • Genetic Counseling & Testing through telehealth partner
    • Ambit Ambassador Patient Engagement to facilitate conversion

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meet the patient id and activation team

Brooke brings almost seven years of marketing experience to the team, with a focus in digital and content marketing, including lead generation, marketing automation, email marketing, and social media marketing. Prior to joining Ambit, Brooke worked in the biotech and publishing industries, serving both B2B and B2C audiences. Brooke holds a BS in Brand Management and Marketing with minor in Business from North Carolina State University. She currently lives in Raleigh, NC with her boyfriend and their German Shepherd mix, Kaiser.
Brooke Sanders

Marketing Manager

Deirdre comes from a background in life sciences consulting, as well as bench research in the field of stem cell and regenerative biology. She is a published author in the field, including on the involvement of the STMN2 gene in ALS, which has resulted in clinical stage trials targeting the mechanism. Her training in stem cell biology and gene editing contributes to her interest in the field of drug discovery, especially in rare and genetic diseases. She enjoys collaborating with pharmaceutical clients to understand their needs in patient identification, and how Ambit’s strengths may help to form a productive partnership. She strategizes with the team on how Ambit’s capabilities may translate to solve broader problems in rare disease, including patient diagnosis. She currently resides in Boston, MA after receiving her Bachelor’s in Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology from Harvard.
Deirdre Potter
Business Development and Operations Manager
Hannah brings a detail oriented and analytical perspective to the team. Her work on the platform has involved implementing, tracking, and optimizing workflows. Hannah is always eager to jump on any project where she can make an impact. She is passionate about learning from others and continuing to improve and expand her skills. Prior to joining Ambit, Hannah received her BBA from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business, where she also competed as an NCAA Division I golfer. Her experience as a student athlete helped prepare her for the fast-paced and exciting environment at Ambit. She was born and raised in Falmouth, MA but resides now in Ann Arbor, Michigan with her fiancé and dog Norman.
Hannah Ghelfi
Patient ID Manager
Jenn D’Arcangelo has 10+ years of experience in life sciences research and consulting. Jenn received her Ph.D. in molecular and cellular biology from Columbia University where she first became acquainted with rare diseases, studying molecular pathways in Cystic Fibrosis models. Transitioning into biopharma consulting, Jenn has garnered a breadth of experience across specialty and rare disease supporting client needs at every stage of the product development life-cycle. At Ambit, Jenn is leveraging her expertise to support the commercial business in delivering the highest quality services and products to our biopharma partners. She is equally passionate about how our work will provide patients and families living with a rare disease a faster, easier path to diagnosis and ultimately life-changing treatments.
Jennifer D'Arcangelo
VP Commercial Operations
Jonathan has spent the last 15+ years of his career building high performing teams and companies focused on the healthcare and life sciences industries, focused in commercial analytics. Jonathan's recent experience has focused on commercializing cutting-edge patient finding use cases utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning with a focus in rare disease, most recently at where he was employee #1. Prior to joining, Jonathan spent 6 years at marketRx/Cognizant where he led a global team focused on large-scale commercial transformation and 3 years at Symphony Health Solutions as a leader of the Commercial Effectiveness practice. Jonathan holds a BA from Skidmore College and an MA from the University of Massachusetts. He was born and raised in Central Pennsylvania, and currently lives in Yardley, PA with his wife and 3 children, Adrian (13), Sylvia (12), and Rosalyn (8).
Jonathan Woodring
Chief Innovation Officer
Laney has eight years of experience in consulting and biopharma, including a consumer health data startup, and an EHR company. This experience gives her a deep understanding of corporate strategy, patient dynamics and an ability to use data to solve problems. She leads AmbitCare in support of patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers.
Laney Forton

Co-Founder and Vice President