Digital Transformation

A human-centered approach to Digital Transformation.

Digital transformation helps biopharma companies scale up to meet evolving patient and customer needs as well as emerging business opportunities.

At Ambit, we are passionate about improving patient outcomes, increasing customer satisfaction, and creating business impact for our clients through human-centered digital transformation focusing on:

We offer services and digital products/platforms anchored in strategic thinking, data, analytics, and technology, as well as transforming ways of working. We take a focused approach while leveraging these enablers:


Data As An Asset
Integrated data models to ease “burden of data”


Explaining the past
Predicting the future
Deliver recommendations via prescriptive analytics


Adoption of devices & digital channels
Automation of data processing & analytics

At Ambit, we see digital transformation as means to create and capture value with digital, rather than a goal by itself. We help our clients not to fall into common Digital Transformation traps such as:

  • Losing focus on value creation
  • Losing focus on the customer/stakeholder
  • Not starting transformation from the business model
  • Creating a “build it and they will come” mentality
  • Underestimating the impact of change
  • Overinvesting in technology but not investing enough on building capabilities
  • Forgetting about cultural transformation

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Meet the Digital Transformation Team

Brooke brings almost seven years of marketing experience to the team, with a focus in digital and content marketing, including lead generation, marketing automation, email marketing, and social media marketing. Prior to joining Ambit, Brooke worked in the biotech and publishing industries, serving both B2B and B2C audiences. Brooke holds a BS in Brand Management and Marketing with minor in Business from North Carolina State University. She currently lives in Raleigh, NC with her boyfriend and their German Shepherd mix, Kaiser.
Brooke Sanders

Marketing Manager

Dani brings more than 7 years of experience in strategic collaboration and innovative data-driven solutions to her engagements. She enjoys proposing creative solutions to optimize our clients’ ways of working. Dani’s background in applied economics, data analytics and HEOR have allowed her to pursue a number of professional opportunities, including public health consulting, policy advisory and HEOR modeling in international settings. Dani is committed to helping Ambit grow, supporting recruiting and business development efforts and promoting internal professional development for her teams.
Dani Perea
Ned Kitfield is Ambit’s Chief Commercial Officer. He has 20 years’ experience in commercial roles of increasing responsibility at biopharma companies large and small including Bayer, Sanofi, Adolor, and Shire (now Takeda). Roughly half of his time in biopharma was focused on launching and running brands for ultra-orphan diseases in the US and around the world. Ned joined C1 Consulting (acquired by CRA in 2017) in 2014 as Managing Director and Head of the rare disease practice and quickly built a track record for leading successful new product launches in the rare disease space.
Ned Kitfield

Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer

Ozge brings 15 years of experience in life sciences with prior roles at GSK, UCB Inc., Otsuka Pharmaceuticals, and C1 Consulting. She is a transformative data science and analytics leader with strong business acumen and significant experience leading large, complex digital transformation projects. She is passionate about connecting business strategy with data, analytics, and technology to develop, track and optimize go-to-market strategies and approaches (including but not limited to omnichannel transformation and execution) across marketing, medical, sales, and managed care ecosystem. Ozge holds a BS in Industrial Engineering from Université Galatasaray in Istanbul, and a PhD in Industrial and Systems Engi from Rutgers University.
Ozgecan UluscU

Head of Digital Transformation

Rahul brings his engineering problem-solving ability along with his management skills to help manage Ambit’s product needs. His experience as a developer helps him bridge the gap between stakeholders and the development team to improve the complete product lifecycle. Prior to joining Ambit, Rahul completed his MS in Engineering Management from Johns Hopkins University, where he gained experience in consulting and product strategy. He currently resides in Baltimore, MD, and enjoys traveling.
Rahul Raman Ravindra
Associate Product Manager

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A new look for Ambit

Our brand may be changing, but our focus remains the same. We are committed to developing novel solutions that enable our biopharma clients to adapt to the challenges and opportunities in the rare a