about us

A one-of-a-kind culture with a one-of-a-kind mission.

Ambit is a mission-driven healthcare technology and services company focused on transforming the world of rare and specialty disease. Our capabilities – tailored to address specialty medicine dynamics – span patient identification, multi-stakeholder activation and engagement, and future-focused consulting services.

access to accurate diagnosis

Ambit's transformational mission

Our mission starts with improving access to accurate diagnosis for patients and their families.

Patients with undiagnosed genetic diseases often face a long and uncertain diagnostic journey. The rare and specialty disease community is highly interconnected, so this diagnostic odyssey has a ripple effect that impacts everyone. Patients and their caregivers wait years for answers. Specialists have limited access to crucial genetics expertise. Biopharma struggles to connect patients to life-changing clinical trials and approved therapies.

Ambit's founding vision

A front-row seat to rare disease diagnosis

After decades of experiencing the pain points related to rare disease diagnoses first-hand, Ambit's founders felt they had to intervene. In 2021 Ambit was founded to address these challenges starting with accelerating patients’ access to accurate diagnoses.

At Ambit, we aim to provide 50,000 patients with a new or more accurate diagnosis by 2025. We believe by putting patient diagnosis first and reducing time to diagnosis, Ambit can enhance the patient identification workflow and provide unparalleled commercial support to biopharma to the benefit of the entire rare and specialty disease ecosystem.

A new look for Ambit

Our brand may be changing, but our focus remains the same. We are committed to developing novel solutions that enable our biopharma clients to adapt to the challenges and opportunities in the rare and specialty disease markets.