Ambit is a technology-enabled solutions company.

Our data-driven patient identification and consulting capabilities have been honed through decades of experience to help our clients bring life-changing treatments to the patients who need them most.


Ambit specializes in developing innovative, targeted solutions to the most complex challenges facing rare and specialty biopharma companies.

Commercial and Medical Strategy

Future-focused commercial and medical consulting services

Data and Analytics

Advanced analytics, practical insights and personalized solutions

Patient ID and Activation

Novel approaches for finding and activating specialty and rare disease patients


Delivering value through data-driven decision-making foundations, automation + operational efficiencies, and deployment of next-gen customer engagement models

Patient Services

Strategic guidance to help clients build exceptional patient experiences


Our growing product portfolio focuses on solving pressing rare and specialty disease challenges at scale.

Dynamic LeadGen

AI/ML modeling and rules-based triggers providing timely, high-quality HCP leads to the field force, with omni-channel engagement extending coverage to target HCPs not accessible by the field team.

Patient Activate

End-to-end patient finding for biopharma companies struggling to identify specialty and rare disease patients for commercial or pre-commercial purposes.

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